Casey Murphy

Resident in Counseling

The human experience is a very complex journey, and everyone’s is so unique and different. I have always held dear to my heart the journeys that people have shared with me, valuing, holding, encouraging, and walking alongside them in support through what they are experiencing. It is an honor. 

The work that I find myself gravitating towards with individuals is expressive arts while working from an attachment and person-centered lens. Art can be a powerful tool to express oneself, especially when one cannot find the words to express what they are going through. Many of my experiences have been with younger children and adolescents. I find much delight in their views of the world, their wanting to learn and explore, and their growing through play. 

I am grateful to be working at Adagio House. It has shown to be a place of warmth, kindness, community, and acceptance in everyone. In 2018, I graduated from EMU with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I love going for walks and hikes, cooking, making art, playing board games, and loving on my mischievous (but lovable) cat, Dexter! 

Casey offers counseling sessions in-person and online.


Primary Hours for Casey: Tues-Fri 9am-5pm