Janie Beitzel

Care Coordinator

I have been blessed with a heart for working with children and families. I have been the Director of Mt. Top Youth for Christ in the Garrett County, Maryland and Somerset County, Pennsylvania areas. While there, I ran several programs of gym nights in local high schools for any and all kids in that high school and community. I ran a bible quiz program for approximately 200 kids, and during that time, my husband and I served as Youth Sponsors for approximately 30 kids at our local church.

After that, I was Community Service Restitution Director in Allegany County, Maryland for the Juvenile Services for the State of Maryland for 12 years. Upon my arrival in Virginia, I was a Foster Care/Adoption Specialist for Shenandoah Valley Social Services.  Then, I performed Therapeutic Day Treatment in an area school for Family Preservation Services.

In these roles, I have worked with both the child and the family and have left a piece of my heart with each person I have had the privilege to serve. Here at Adagio House, I’m privileged to be a resource for the clients in meeting any needs that they struggle with, and in the process, I get to continue sharing my heart.  That’s why I do what I do here.