Kristee Trumbo

Licensed professional counselor

Hello friends,

I am looking forward to meeting you. I know that I will enjoy getting to know you. I love to laugh and with 62 birthdays, I also know how to celebrate with everyone I meet. When we are together, I will work my hardest NOT to ask you a million questions. We will talk about anything you want to talk about. Playing games and being creative are also very enjoyable for beginning to understand and support your way of living. I don’t have any expectations for how you have to be – I want to watch you get to know yourself. During our sessions, we will look at what the world is putting in front of us. Let’s take a walk together to unravel the mystery of life and living. It really isn’t too scary. It will be a time to wonder and be curious. We shouldn’t have to make any big decisions every day. I’m hoping that we can talk about all of the little things and that will help with all of the big things.

I hope you ask me a million questions so we have many opportunities to explore all of the options you will have to make new decisions. I want you to think about our time together as an exploration. I love adventures! Please feel free to share anything with me – artwork, books, creations, something from a collection, music, etc. Let’s have some fun as we work together.

A little about me – I love the beach and water. I am a mother of a 30-year-old child, and we have a dog named Ace, who is a mix of border collie and black lab. I am a photographer, and when you come into the office, you will see many of my photos. I hope you like them!


Primary Hours for Kristee: Tues-Fri 9am-5pm