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  • Autism Awareness vs. Acceptance

    Autism Awareness vs. Acceptance

    Autism Awareness vs. Acceptance What is it? Why does it matter? As a former “autism mom” who faithfully lit it up blue during the month of April and searched tirelessly to find all the pieces of the puzzle of my son, I want to take a few minutes to talk about why I no longer […]

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  • Disability Justice & Inclusion

    Disability Justice & Inclusion

    Lately, I have been thinking a great deal about disability justice and inclusion and what it means to “center the voice of the most impacted.”

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  • Loving Kindness Meditation

    Loving Kindness Meditation

    To begin this meditation, find a seat. Make your body comfortable with your feet flat on the ground or your legs crossed and seated on the floor. Back straight, shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes. Relax your jaw. Breathe slowly in and out. First focus on self. Then focus on the people you love. Then focus […]

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  • Exploring Authentic Self Care

    Exploring Authentic Self Care

    When you think of self care, all kinds of indulgences might come to mind… Binge watching Netflix, drinking wine, having something sugary, salty, or fried… But, authentic self care means cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves and with others. It honors our bodies through movement, nourishment, and high-quality sleep. So, we move in ways that […]

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  • The JOYS of Parenting a Disabled Child

    The JOYS of Parenting a Disabled Child

    When I imagined having kids, I did not think of parenting a disabled child. Instead, I thought of family game nights, giggling sleepovers, and homemade pizza parties. I imagined our home being the center of our kids’ activities, with their friends over much, or even most, of the time. I imagined a home ringing with […]

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  • Back to School for Kids With Disabilities

    Back to School for Kids With Disabilities

    Well, it’s that time of year again, full of mixed emotions and challenging transitions… BACK TO SCHOOL! This year is different than ever before, after the past year we have had. Your child might be going to school in person for the first time ever, or for the first time in a very long time. […]

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  • Anxiety Reduction Methods: A Guide

    Anxiety Reduction Methods: A Guide

    In these moments, there are things we can do to keep anxiety from crushing us, but like anything new, they take time and intentionality to truly be effective.

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  • How to Rest As a Caregiver

    How to Rest As a Caregiver

    Years ago, April tried writing a blog ( which was read only by her mother. This is an article from that blog. As anyone who is a caregiver will tell you, one of the hardest needs to meet when taking care of another person is the need for rest. Sometimes, it can seem like we […]

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  • Parenting Book Recommendations

    Parenting Book Recommendations

    My clients will tell you I am constantly referring them to one book or another … whether it’s parenting, spirituality, mindfulness, self-acceptance, there are

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  • 10 Sleep Tips for the Whole Family

    10 Sleep Tips for the Whole Family

    Sleep has *always* been a challenge for our family, and time changes have become dreaded dates looming on the calendar. This is because I know our already

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