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  • LGBTQ+ Teen, Caregiver, and Ally Resources

    LGBTQ+ Teen, Caregiver, and Ally Resources

    If you’re exploring your own identity or supporting someone else who is, it can feel very lonely and isolating sometimes. So, here are a few LGBTQ+ related resources to check out if you want to hear others’ stories, want to share your own, or want to just feel connected and seen! Local Resources Shenandoah LGBTQ+…

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  • Stay-At-Home Caregivers & Connection

    Stay-At-Home Caregivers & Connection

    Being a stay-at-home caregiver or parent can be difficult, and the difficulty has increased in the last two years since we’ve been limiting our exposure to others in various capacities. Whether you’re a caregiver to your children or other children, landed in a caregiver position because of COVID/unemployment, or get to pull the whole “we’re…

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  • Looking At Our Connection With Others

    Looking At Our Connection With Others

    I’m guessing many of you hear the word “resilient” or resiliency” used in relation to stress and trauma. But, it is something that is important for us humans to know about and develop no matter our developmental background. Why? Because life is hard sometimes, and our ability to “bounce back” after difficult, trying, and complex…

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  • Centering Exercise With Hannah

    Centering Exercise With Hannah

    Do you feel overwhelmed or filled with anxious thoughts? Follow along with Hannah in this centering exercise to help your mind and body feel like they are connected again.

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