Occupational Therapy Fees

Occupational Therapy


We are currently in-network with:

Anthem Commercial

Anthem Medicaid

Virginia Premier Medicaid

Insurance Rates



60-minute session


45-minute session


30-minute session


Deductibles & Copays

Each client is responsible for contacting their insurance if they have questions about their deductible or copay.

Deductibles often restart once a year and could possibly be high. 

Adagio House will not be held responsible for any unknown unpaid deductible or copay.

Occupational Therapy

Un- or Under-Insured?


60-minute session


Payment Requirements

Clients must have a credit card on file.

Copays, self-pay amounts, and late cancellation/no show fees will be charged to the card on file.

Invoices will be sent at the end of each month for outstanding balances, and sessions will not be able to continue until balance is paid.

Balances more than 90 days past due may be sent to an outside collections agency.