Attendant Matching


Attendant Matching

Helping Families Find One-on-One Support.

Designed to help families utilizing Consumer Directed Services find attendants to employ, our Attendant Matching Service is also useful for those paying out of pocket for attending care while on the Medicaid waiver waitlist.

We Offer

Attendant Matching

Adagio House offers families a short list of potential attendants who could be a good match for their loved one’s needs based on initial surveys.

Each family is responsible for interviewing and training their attendant, per Medicaid’s Consumer Direct Service guidelines. There is no guarantee of an appropriate match, or an attendant’s quality of care.

$50 per year

Supplemental Training

In addition to Attendant Matching, families may choose to have their attendant participate in supplemental trainings through Adagio House.

Trainings include:

Sensory Overview: a training with our OTR/L to learn about sensory needs and how to help meet them.

Attachment Overview: a training with our Executive Director to learn about healthy relationships and how to respond in a variety of situations.

Ukeru Training: a training with our Ukeru trainer to learn hands free interventions when someone is dysregulated and escalated.

Cost varies