Respite Services

We understand all that it takes to be a caregiver and want to provide you with an opportunity to rest. Adagio House offers scheduled, quality care with a trained companion who will keep your disabled loved one safe and happy until you return.

What Are Your Options?

*Respite is available only as private self pay based on a sliding fee scale.

What About Siblings?

Multiple Provider Services

For In-Home Respite Care, if the disabled individual also has a sibling in the home, we will provide a separate provider to work alongside the sibling. We recognize even though the sibling isn’t disabled, they face their own unique needs growing up with a disabled sibling. 

Any need for sibling care must be included in the initial Respite Intake Form, found below.


What We Do

Serve Disabled Individuals

Promote Thoughtful Play

Foster Social Engagement

Help Build Healthy Relationships

What We Aren’t


Medical Care


Long/Overnight Care