Casey’s Corner Library


Welcome to Casey’s Corner Library,
a collection of resources created by our Resident in Counseling, Casey Murphy.

Helping a Child Through Anger Outbursts

Here are some strategies to help the child during big feelings of anger and frustration: 1. First, make sure the child is safe and not at risk of hurting themselves or others. 2. Then, remove the child from the situation, and step away. 3. Turning Grounding Switch 4. Distraction 5. Ask what happened/cause of anger…

Putting Daily Affirmations Into Practice

It’s time for children to start speaking kindly to themselves. So, parents, help your children begin to put these daily affirmations into practice. Download the printable flyer here:

Discover the Joy of Journaling

Discover the joy of journaling. Here are a few additional Journaling Prompts not included in the video to help get you started: I am proud of… Today I am feeling… Something that makes me sad is… My favorite part of the day was… Some worries on my mind are… Some goals for my week are….…

Kindness Guide for Kiddos With Compassion

Check out our Kindness Guide for kiddos! We believe in kindness at every age! So, during this Random Acts of Kindness Week, we invite you to share some of these thoughts with your little one. This way, you can encourage them to be thoughtful and compassionate to all around them.

Mental Health Boosters for Winter Time

Feeling the winter blues? Check out our mental health boosters. Turn those dreary days into sun rays! Casey shares a few tips and tricks to help keep your mental health from declining during the winter season.

Stay Strong Rules

Bullying is something that has affected most of us at some point in our life. Although we all wish everyone would treat one another with kindness and respect, what do we do when bullying occurs? Casey helps us write our Stay Strong Rules, which are thoughts or behaviors to practice to help us feel strong…

Simple & Healthy Kid’s Recipe Idea

Join Casey as she walks us through this simple kid’s recipe, Breakfast Banana Split. This vitamin-rich snack is perfect for fueling your child’s body and mind. This treat can be enjoyed anytime and is full of nutrients and protein!

Helping Hand Activity From “Letting Go”

Today, we are looking at the Helping Hand Activity from a new book in Sharie Coombes’ Letting Go. For those dealing with loss, change, disappointment, or grief, this Helping Hand Activity can help remind you who is in your support system that you can trust in your times of need. Find Dr. Sharie Coombes’ book…

Make a DIY Calm Down Kit With Casey

Today, Casey’s showing us how to make our very own DIY Calm Down Kit at home. So, make sure to fill it up with things that can engage all 5 of your senses! Supplies Needed to Make a Calm Down Kit: Also, find Sharie Coombes’ collection of books here.

5 Senses Exploration Activity

Combat waves of anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed with this activity. Grounding yourself through recognition of what your 5 senses are feeling is a perfect start to help yourself feel better. So, through the use of this 5-step method, Casey walks us through the exploration of our 5 senses and how it can help…

Digital Resource Break – Casey’s Corner

It’s time for a Casey’s Corner resource break! Hey Sigmund is an incredible resource for parents, teens, and children, and it was curated by the Australian psychologist Karen Young. On the site, you can find articles and videos that focus on many mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and some difficulties that come with just…

Invisible String Activity – Casey’s Corner

Today, Casey reads The Invisible String by Patrice Karst and does a simple activity along with it. Additionally, this video steers towards children dealing with loss. This includes the loss of a family member or pet, along with feelings of stress and anxiety when away from loved ones.

Positive Pebbles Activity- Casey’s Corner

Welcome back to Episode 2 of Casey’s Corner! And in today’s video, Casey leads us in an activity from Dr. Sharie Coombes’ book, Be Positive, which is an activity book for young people who want to feel more self confident. Also, a description of the activity and the supplies you will need can be found…