Self-Care Resources


Putting Daily Affirmations Into Practice

It’s time for children to start speaking kindly to themselves. So, parents, help your children begin to put these daily affirmations into practice. Download the printable flyer here:

Discover the Joy of Journaling

Discover the joy of journaling. Here are a few additional Journaling Prompts not included in the video to help get you started: I am proud of… Today I am feeling… Something that makes me sad is… My favorite part of the day was… Some worries on my mind are… Some goals for my week are….…

Who Defined Self Care?

Author: Brianna Copeland Bubble baths and sheet masks. Target and Starbucks run. Glass of wine at the end of the day. Who said this is self care? Before coming to Adagio House, I was in a rather toxic work environment. Unsupported by coworkers, mentally and physically straining work, and a 2-hour commute each day. Self…

Loving Kindness Meditation

To begin this meditation, find a seat. Make your body comfortable with your feet flat on the ground or your legs crossed and seated on the floor. Back straight, shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes. Relax your jaw. Breathe slowly in and out. First focus on self. Then focus on the people you love. Then focus…

Looking At Our Connection With Others

I’m guessing many of you hear the word “resilient” or resiliency” used in relation to stress and trauma. But, it is something that is important for us humans to know about and develop no matter our developmental background. Why? Because life is hard sometimes, and our ability to “bounce back” after difficult, trying, and complex…

Exploring Authentic Self Care

When you think of self care, all kinds of indulgences might come to mind… Binge watching Netflix, drinking wine, having something sugary, salty, or fried… But, authentic self care means cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves and with others. It honors our bodies through movement, nourishment, and high-quality sleep. So, we move in ways that…

Centering Exercise With Hannah

Do you feel overwhelmed or filled with anxious thoughts? Follow along with Hannah in this centering exercise to help your mind and body feel like they are connected again.

Make a DIY Calm Down Kit With Casey

Today, Casey’s showing us how to make our very own DIY Calm Down Kit at home. So, make sure to fill it up with things that can engage all 5 of your senses! Supplies Needed to Make a Calm Down Kit: Also, find Sharie Coombes’ collection of books here.

5 Senses Exploration Activity

Combat waves of anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed with this activity. Grounding yourself through recognition of what your 5 senses are feeling is a perfect start to help yourself feel better. So, through the use of this 5-step method, Casey walks us through the exploration of our 5 senses and how it can help…

Anxiety Reduction Methods: A Guide

In these moments, there are things we can do to keep anxiety from crushing us, but like anything new, they take time and intentionality to truly be effective.

How to Rest As a Caregiver

Years ago, April tried writing a blog ( which was read only by her mother. This is an article from that blog. As anyone who is a caregiver will tell you, one of the hardest needs to meet when taking care of another person is the need for rest. Sometimes, it can seem like we…

10 Sleep Tips for the Whole Family

Sleep has *always* been a challenge for our family, and time changes have become dreaded dates looming on the calendar. This is because I know our already