Helping a Child Through Anger Outbursts

Here are some strategies to help the child during big feelings of anger and frustration:

1. First, make sure the child is safe and not at risk of hurting themselves or others.

2. Then, remove the child from the situation, and step away.

3. Turning Grounding Switch

  • Provide a silent or calm presence
  • Remember, it isn’t always easy
  • If you’re angry or frustrated as the adult, it’s okay and normal, and you can discuss with the child after they’re calm/de-escalated
  • Avoid the word “no”
  • Try not to feed off of their anger
  • Don’t get caught in a loop arguing
  • And don’t give in to power struggles

4. Distraction

  • Get the child’s focus of attention away from the situation, as this helps with the physical and possibly verbal responses until the child is ready to talk

5. Ask what happened/cause of anger

6. Then, validate their feelings and reflect

7. Finally, collaboratively speak with the child and come up with solutions and steps if a similar event were to happen

Also, check out Dr. Sharie Coombes’ book When I Feel Angry: A Book About Feelings for younger children.

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